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The Firm's Library is relatively well-equipped with the latest reports and texts.  Other than subscriptions to online portals of legal resources, the Library also includes the following:

(A) Law Reports
(i) All Malaysia Reports
(ii) Malayan Law Journal
(iii) Construction Law Reports
(iv) Building Law Reports
(v) Singapore Law Reports
(vi) Australian Law Journal Reports
(vii) All England Law Reports and Reprints
(viii) The Digest

(B) Law Journals
(i) Law Quarterly Review
(ii) Modern Law Review
(iii) Cambridge Law Journal
(iv) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies
(v) Australian Law Journal

(C) Selected Major Texts and References (among about 1200 other volumes)
(i) Hudson's Engineering and Building Contracts
(ii) Keating on Construction Contracts
(iii) Emden's Construction Law
(iv) Dorter & Sharkey, Building and Construction Contracts in Australia (looseleaf)
(v) Cross and Taper on Evidence
(vi) Sarkar on Evidence
(vii) Judith Sihombing, The National Land Code (looseleaf)
(viii) Judith Sihombing, The Malaysian Conveyancing (looseleaf)
(ix) Boyle & Sykes, Gore Brown on Companies (looseleaf)
(x) Woon & Hicks, The Companies Act – An Annotation (looseleaf)
(xi) MacGillivray on Insurance Law
(xii) Malaysian Court Forms (looseleaf)
(xiii) Malcolm Clarke, The Law of Insurance Contracts
(xiv) Malaysian Court Practice (looseleaf)
(xv) Jefferey Pinsler, Civil Procedure in Malaysia and Singapore (looseleaf)
(xvi) Wade & Forsyth, Administrative Law
(xvii) Merkin, Arbitration Law (looseleaf)
(xviii) Tackaberry & Marriot, Berstein’s Handbook of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
(xix) RG Padia, Pollock and Mulla Indian Contract and Specific Relief Acts
(xx) G Kameshawara, Law of Damages and Compensation
(xxi) Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents